Help! Bricked PSP-1004 + memory stick problem

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  1. ObitoPSHHHH

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    May 15, 2018
    Hello everyone,

    So, a friend of mine was talking about his old Fat PSP that got bricked. I asked him if he wanted me to see if its a repairable brick, a soft brick, he was okay with it. So i went to see his PSP. When you turn it on, the screen light comes on but it remains blank. Also, the green light comes on and the orange light appears when plugged. I tried turning it on while holding the R button, which gave me access to the recovery mode. I learn now that he's on Cfw 6.60. I was happy to see it wasn't a full brick, so i quickly plugged it into my PC and toggled USB.

    Except my PC recognizes the memory stick, but can't open it! When i right click and choose proprieties, it tells me that the space is 0 bytes.
    I turned the console off, and opened the Memory card slot situated on the left side, on the back. Here, i find about three weird black flat objects inserted. I try to push on them but nothing comes out. There is a memory stick inside since my PC recognizes it, but there's just a lot of garbage inside of the slot, it looks like someone put 3 memory sticks inside of it.

    I need to fix this, but I can't remove the Memory stick. What do i do? Thanks to anyone who would help me!
  2. alexander1970

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    Nov 8, 2018

    Is the Memory Stick LED on your PSP flashing when you turn the PSP on (with and without Memory Stick inserted) ?

    Thank you.:)