1. Cyberdan89

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    Feb 11, 2017
    Gambia, The
    Hi there,

    I am rally struggling with my vWii! I have all installed like the definitive vWii Hacking guide said it. I can install games from disc directly to my HDD. But if Iwanna strat one of them, It chrashed and I get the black screen.

    That is my sys check:

    SysCheck HDE v2.4.0 HacksDen Edition von JoostinOnline, Double_A, R2-D2199, und Nano
    ...laeuft auf dem vIOS58 (rev 6432).

    Region: PAL
    Systemmenue 4.3E (v610)

    Laufwerksdatum: 28.06.2011
    Homebrewkanal 1.1.2 benutzt IOS58

    Hollywood v0x21
    Konsolen-ID: 610177323
    Konsolentyp: vWii
    Shop-Kanal-Land: Germany (78)
    Boot2 v0
    Es wurden 56 Titel gefunden.
    Es wurden 35 IOS gefunden, von denen 0 funktionslos (Stub) sind.

    vIOS9 (rev 1290): Keine Patches
    vIOS12 (rev 782): Keine Patches
    vIOS13 (rev 1288): Keine Patches
    vIOS14 (rev 1288): Keine Patches
    vIOS15 (rev 1288): Keine Patches
    vIOS17 (rev 1288): Keine Patches
    vIOS21 (rev 1295): Keine Patches
    vIOS22 (rev 1550): Keine Patches
    vIOS28 (rev 2063): Keine Patches
    vIOS31 (rev 3864): Keine Patches
    vIOS33 (rev 3864): Keine Patches
    vIOS34 (rev 3864): Keine Patches
    vIOS35 (rev 3864): Keine Patches
    vIOS36 (rev 3864): Keine Patches
    vIOS37 (rev 5919): Keine Patches
    vIOS38 (rev 4380): Keine Patches
    vIOS41 (rev 3863): Keine Patches
    vIOS43 (rev 3863): Keine Patches
    vIOS45 (rev 3863): Keine Patches
    vIOS46 (rev 3863): Keine Patches
    vIOS48 (rev 4380): Keine Patches
    vIOS53 (rev 5919): Keine Patches
    vIOS55 (rev 5919): Keine Patches
    vIOS56 (rev 5918): Keine Patches
    vIOS57 (rev 6175): Keine Patches
    vIOS58 (rev 6432): USB 2.0
    vIOS59 (rev 9249): Keine Patches
    vIOS62 (rev 6942): Keine Patches
    vIOS80 (rev 7200): Keine Patches
    vIOS236 (rev 65535): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Zugriff
    vIOS249[56] (rev 21010, Info: d2x-v10beta53-alt-vWii): Trucha Bug, NAND Zugriff
    vIOS250[57] (rev 21010, Info: d2x-v10beta53-alt-vWii): Trucha Bug, NAND Zugriff
    vIOS251[58] (rev 21010, Info: d2x-v10beta53-alt-vWii): Trucha Bug, NAND Zugriff
    vIOS512 (rev 7): Keine Patches
    vIOS513 (rev 1): Keine Patches
    Bericht wurde am 12.02.2017 generiert.

    I have had an other problem when I just used my external HDD in ntfs that I just got back to the Homebrew loader instead of the black screen when I started the installed game. Since I reinstallt the IOS 56 until ISO 58 I have gotten this Problem again.

    so what do I have to do to fix that? I really need some how knows what he´s doing ;´(

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  2. SonicMC

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    Dec 6, 2007
    United States
    Well you kind of didn't let us know what loader you are using to install and run games; nor what version.
    Probably USB Loader GX if I'm looking at the right guide. https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-definitive-vwii-hacking-guide.425852/

    Here are some things to try, I have them listed in order but can really be tried in any order:

    first thing is, I would switch to fat32 on the HDD and not use ntfs. It's my opinion that ntfs support is not as good.
    second thing, try a different loader and see if you get the same results; alternatively check and make sure the loader is booting the game with the cios you want.
    third thing, make sure drive is getting enough power, either a y cable or it's own power from an ac adapter.
    forth, check playing the discs as discs. If the discs are scratched then you could be making a bad dump.

    As for the stack dump. Very few people can read them. So your best bet is try simple solutions first.
  3. Cyberdan89

    OP Cyberdan89 Newbie

    Feb 11, 2017
    Gambia, The
    So I formated my Intenso 1 tb 3.5' like the guide said in fat32 with 4096 sector space.
    My vWii is detecting it and I can install a game perfectly without crash. But if I wanna start the game, I get dsi occurred. My HDD has extern power and one usb.
    I tried a different USB Card as the one I used for my WiiU Haxchi.
    I just did only the usb loader at the Card and when I clicked start Paper Mario, it crashed again.
    My Gamediscs are like new without any scratch btw.
    What am I doing wrong? Is that a path failure? Do I have to change something in setting before I can start a game?
    With Wiiflow it wasn´t even possible to install the game. I had the dsi occured failure when
    I clicked `go after putting the CD in.
    Is maybe Intenso in general not compatible with vWii even if my console is detecting it?
    Why am I always getting the DSI Occurred failure?
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  4. Cyberdan89

    OP Cyberdan89 Newbie

    Feb 11, 2017
    Gambia, The
    So it turned out that my HDDs I tried always crashed but when I used to load Wiiflow and Nintendont by my SD Card, everything was fine. That means my installation was fine and I´m gonna buy a bigger USB Flash Drive. IDK why the HDDs were all incompatible.
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