Help! AKRPG skins deleted

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    Lol My DS was almost dead when I decided to play the new Bleach, but while the game was loading (where it shows the whole "Do not turn power off" deal), my DS died. Now when I load up to the root menu of the AKRPG, my skin doesn't show up and the background on the bottom screen is black, but when I go to check my skins by pressing the START button, the AKRPG freezes up. I hooked my AKRPG up to my pc and went into the UI folder, and behold, all my skins were deleted! I was wondering if anyone knew how to recover my skins and such, because I'm thinking the only way is to backup all my data and delete everything on the card and then re-install some firmware on it or something. Now, I had almost the same thing happen a while back when I first got my card and I was messing around with the skins. I installed a skin I thought I would like, but it turned out I didn't at all, so I deleted it off of my card without switching to another skin first. When I powered my DS on, it was still looking for a skin in the folder I deleted, so I simply remade that folder with the EXACT SAME NAME and put another skin in the folder, and my AKRPG recognized the skin in the folder and it fixed the problem... But I am totally perplexed with this dilemma because I can't remember the name of the folder to remake it and place a skin in it just like I did last time. Someone please help me! xD Oh and if this is in the wrong section, please notify me with non-flamage!
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    Next time I would put it in 'Flashing Hardware & Software' -> 'Acekard', but don't worry too much [​IMG]

    If your skin files just deleted themselves then you may have corrupted your card, so I would recommend a reformat. (After backing up all your saves etc.)

    If you can't be bothered ( [​IMG] ) then you can use the globalsettings.ini which is in __rpg or __aio (I think - it's basically the system folder...) If you edit that where it says skin, you can change it to one you know you have. Skins go in F:/__rpg/ui/ (Should be a folder with the name of the skin)

    A final thing, are you using AKAIO? I would recommend it, you can find out more in the Acekard forum (it's a different system menu)
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    word of advice... it is SUPER easy to kill the nand on the rpg. never, ever, EVER shut off the ds when its loading or saving. next time make sure its plugged in.

    -another world