[Help] Action Replay DSi Issues

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    May 1, 2016
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    Hello. I recently found my Action Replay DSi. It's been working great, it works on every game except Pokemon Platinum. Here's what happens. I launch my Action Replay DSi, and I get the Datel Logo. I then press "Codes", and it detects that I am using Platinum. At this point, it doesn't matter if I select any codes or not. When I press select, it prompts me "Boot game with codes?". When I select Yes, it fades to white and stays white until I turn off the console. Like I mentioned, this happens regardless if I select codes or not.

    Technical Stuff:
    System: Nintendo DSi XL (Running Firmware 1.4.5U)
    AR Card: Action Replay DSi (running Firmware Update 1.4.5)
    The version of Platinum I am using is a legitimate, North American version.
    I have already "Reset Hardware" multiple times via the Action Replay DSI Code Manager.
    The Action Replay DSi Code Manager software detects the Action Replay.
    The game is a legitimate copy.

    Here's a video demonstrating what happens:

    Thank you for the help!