Hacking HELP! 3DS not booting up after trying to run cfw!


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Jan 17, 2015
help me please.

there are few weird things that happend:
after the first install of the cfw I installed some games.
when i installed super mario 3D land and came back to home menu it was appering for 1 sec and gone.
i tried to restart the 3DS and get to cfw again but no succsec (over 15 times)
i tried to do it with L pressed and it worked but the dev menu and all the games were gone...
so i deleted everything from the sd card and did the guide again and it worked fine.
but today i started playing zelda a link between worlds and suddnly it stucks in the loading.
i tried to go home but the 3DS froze.
so i turned it off and try to boot but...
it only show blue light...
the screen are off.
i tried to start the 3DS with the L and R pressed and it boot up
then i power it off and try to boot.
but same.
only blue light and the screen is off.
i power up the 3DS again with L+R and it worked.
but now its not working.
only blue light.
i tried to boot with sd card out but no succes.
do you dnow how do i fix it?
cant send it to nintendo.
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    Have you tried it on yuzu
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    pc games work fine
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    That's the only place where others are probably more knowledgeable on why
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