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  1. Neph

    Neph Newbie

    Dec 24, 2015
    Hi there. I came to this forum because I have a question for you guys. But I'll ask it in another post.

    My first gaming system was the Sega Master System II, so I guess I'm a gamer from the 3th generation xD

    I did own a lot of different consoles (Super Nintendo, Game Boy, GBC, GBA, NGC, SDC, PS, PS2, PSP...) but for some reason I stopped to buy new consoles at some point. My last addition to my collection was back in 2006. Now I got my hands on a Nintendo 3DS (Wow, I own a console which beat my first console by 5 generations, I'm getting old -.-') and I guess I'll have some questions about it xD

    Well, I hope I will get some pleasure from the newest addition in my gaming collection, and I'll see you guys around xD
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