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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Hello, I'm new to GBAtemp, I joined a little while ago to show my support for Soulanger's MENUdo project and just felt too lazy to post in Introductions.
    I love the site here and decided why not just sign up, there's tons of people active (Unlike my site where we're all active only in IRC.. even though I completely updated the forums system like they wanted...). I hope to make some great friends here and I believe that I've already made one foe from my posts in Soulanger's MENUdo post, I think the name is X-mah-D. Also I just wanted to put it out there that I'm a very small time coder. I don't really do C/C++ yet but I know PHP/VB/(little) JS and some others. I did try my hand at homebrew for the DS but failed to finish the project simply because I couldn't concentrate on it. Anyway, Hey Peoples, Look forward to posting with you all [​IMG]

    If you want proof that I've done my own web-site it's http://ssk.aurality.org....