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    Jan 23, 2012
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    I know, i know, it's kinda late to start my own thread, but, it's like that song, y'know: "It's now or never"lol

    My name is Leonardo. I am from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Surprisingly there are many other Brazilians here ... I'm 24 as of now and i've always been a lover of games, i mean, it dates back to my first Megaman game, Rockman 4. Since then i seem unlikely to abandon games, though i have priorities now. I own a DS Lite and this site and forum has always been of great help for me, and believe it or not, people here are funny and cool.

    I'll always be glad for having learned English (by myself), because it has allowed me to meet people as wonderful as you guys. I'm serious.

    See you 'round :)