1. Triumph627

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    May 21, 2013
    United States
    Hey-o to everyone here.

    I've been using guides and finding info on GBATemp for awhile now, mostly back a while ago when I was learning how to mod my Wii. I would always start my search for info on Google, and I finally realized that most of the best guides, etc., that I was finding were on here as I was trying to figure out how to mod the vWii of my new Wii U that I picked up last week, and figured I should finally make an account. So thank you for having this awesome community with solid information available!

    So a little more about me and my gaming history: I grew up on SNES, GameBoy and N64. While I got really into PS and Xbox games in my teens, I bought a Wii a couple years ago, and I noticed that it and its emulators were what I always kept playing despite having the latest and greatest games on the other platforms, and so I decided to go with it and picked up a Wii U and sold off my other consoles. And man, it feels good to not have a billion consoles vying for precious space on the power strip (I still have my trusty N64, of course). While I was once a hardcore gamer, as you can probably tell based on what I've said so far, I've become a casual gamer as other demands and responsibilities have come into my life the past 5 years or so. So call it nostalgia, but Nintendo will always be my favorite and the best platform in my opinion.
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