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    Lali ho!

    Finally invested in a PS4, so if you see blaze163 hovering above the head of a random Stormtrooper or a tank in War Thunder, feel free to shoot me in the face, every other bastard does. But I have a tech question. A friend of mine loaned me a headset with a mic but no matter what combination of cables and connections we used, it wouldn't record anything from the mic during video capture via the share button. The headset was intended for PC use so it's possible it's a compatability issue. So here's my question, as simply as possible;

    What headset do I need to plug into my controller in order to hear all audio through the headphones and be able to record my voice via the microphone?

    See, I'm starting to record my gameplay footage to upload to YouTube in my new series of Dark Souls 3 called 'The Adventures of Blaze The Pussy Pyromancer' because while I love the Souls games, I'm bloody awful at them, so I end up running around like a headless chicken chucking fireballs at everything. I want to provide commentary, but without a viable headset, I can't record my voice.

    I see that my local Tesco has a Turtle Beach 50P headset in stock, regretably 50p not being its actual price but £22 for a Turtle Beach headset can't be that bad. Would that be sufficient? I don't need amazing audio quality, I just want it to record my voice alongside the gameplay footage.
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    look into the streaming options, there's an audio menu where you can enable or disable voice recording (yours, other players, etc.) over streamed videos.
    That's the first thing to test and be sure it's enabled before trying another headset.

    in the audio menu, you can also setup the mic volume, does it work in that menu or it's not recognized at all?
    Did you try the provided mono-headphone-mic? I tried only that one and it works (hopefully as it's provided with the console)
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    I got my PS4 second hand so it didn't come with that mic. I've checked the settings and everything is as it should be. Mic volume is maxed out, it's set to include mic audio in gameplay, and the Share settings are set to include any and all audio. Same result. I've even tried it with my newly acquired Turtle Beach Recon 60P headset, same problem. Gameplay audio records perfectly, no mic audio.
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    Other players can hear you through the mic though?
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    So is impossible to use bluetooth for audio on a ps4? I looked into that, and it says the ps4 only works with 4.0 bluetooth compatible devices, which i didn't have cause i tried paring and never found the device. I tried paring a new pair of head phones and it was found but never pairs. I am beginning to think is not possible to use bluetooth audio with ps4, which sucks! Andoid can do it, my shield android devices can and is godlike, why can't a cutting edge console like ps4 can't? :glare:

    The other thing is the headphones i have also work with direct input as well, so i can plug in to controller, i haven't tested it cause i never had a reason to try it, with not having someone to play with, but it should work, Maybe try checking settings in the system to see if it can change to work.:unsure: