Headers, and how do they do the do?

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    So, I've just gotten into my sky3ds and I have to say it runs really well. However, online play has interested me. I've not played online yet because of seeing reports of bans through public headers or not using a header.

    So, I've gotta ask. What exactly IS a header?
    I've done a bit of homework and I kind of get the idea of it. It's like an ID for your 3ds game. Anything else to add onto this or do I basically have the gist?

    Secondly, how do I get a private header?
    I've seen that your own games can get you a private header, does it apply to the whole cart then? Also, how do I obtain it from my game?

    Thanks very much in advance.
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    headers are just a long string of numbers (not technically but you get my point)

    If Nintendo sees 2 of the same headers online then they slap a ban on both of the users.

    You need a gateway compatible 3ds or a powersave to dump your own private header.
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    Wrong forum. Try here:


    We just recently figured out how to use Powersaves Pro 3DS to rip headers for the Sky3DS. Good stuff. Try looking for the "Have I Been Banned?" sticky and heading up on headers.

    Basically, you need the Game Header ID and the Chip ID. Chip ID not so much. But all it really comes down to is that Nintendo is checking game header IDs connecting to their online services. As long as you use a "private" header (of an official game you personally own) and don't share it with anyone else (or it becomes a "public" or shared header) then you can avoid getting banned by Nintendo.

    If you over-abuse the Sky3DS and ONLINE functions, you risk getting flagged. They ban you from that game. If they see too much of this type of activity, they can ban your account (Nintendo ID) and then you have to wait about a month to play online again.

    Thing you may do with Sky3DS without using private headers:


    Over-Network Play

    IR Sharing


    Things you cannot do:

    Play "OVER INTERNET" with games like Smash Bros.

    Play "ONLINE" with Pokemon ORASXY

    Use "INTERNET" or "ONLINE" functions in games like Ult. Tetris or NES Remix. So No leaderboards or sharing replays online. Etc.

    In fact, your best bet is to turn wifi OFF while using Sky3DS unless you know your headers are private or how to avoid using online features.

    Otherwise, you're posting in the wrong forum.
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