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    Jul 21, 2015
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    1. If you get a header, can you use it in other games (e.g. getting a header from Mario Kart 7 and using it on Pokemon X)

    2. Can you use the same header for every game you own

    3. If you take a header from a cartridge, can someone else use it (e.g. I buy 3ds cartridges at Walmart, take headers, and return them, then the game could go to anyone)
  2. Pecrow

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    Jun 23, 2015
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    Yes, as long as it is an original cartridge that you will not share with anyone else you can use the same header for all of your games. I have 1 original game and I use that same header for all of my roms 50+. No, you cannot share the header file or the actual game or it will defeat the purpose.

    Nintendo verifies the header of the game, if it sees multiple headers online at the same time it will ban you. So, use some old original 3ds game that you can store for safe keeping and not share with anyone else. Do not share your rom files with your own header on them as it will have the same issue.