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    Jul 10, 2016
    Yesterday night, I was looking at a youtube live stream from the Youtuber Joey JcM. I was looking at it paying a lot of attention on his words, when somethings happened. Look it at here:

    I put the images with the important messages, so it is easier for you to see:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A guy called daflubboo asked about runner 3. I thought it was nothing special, but then he said he was a developer, and that four Runner's 3 developers were watching at the stream. I didn't believe him. He continued saying things like this:


    But after checking the company's twitter I was shocked
    He was saying the truth, he was a developer of runner 3.

    How I know about their twitter, well look at here:


    That is everything I have to say. I know this isn't very clean, but at least, is exiting to know how confident and also how motivated are some developers on working with the nintendo switch, they said it is a great system, and they are also incorporating some exclusive switch features to their new game like "Hd Rumble". This is all I can say with the info I got. And again, sorry for this mess, but there isn't a better way for you to know this (maybe watching the live stream).​
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