hbc on 4.0

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    Apr 16, 2009
    so i see that nobody even heard about the methods of instaling HBC on 4.0U... that's a shame... (check my earlier post in this topic)

    from the other topic:

    I was talking about the bannerbomb,
    but what about it functionality?

    so what are these?

    and the files with zelda from NES

    and how to use the above:
    buy zelda from nes,
    move it to sd card,
    on pc - exchange the zelda with files from the link,
    and start the zelda from SD menu in your Wii - this should start the HBC instalation

    but console says that "this channel cannot be launched"
    it's because your wii has other "key value" in the bin file

    and the same thing but whit mario bros: