Question Having trouble with Lakka through Hekate

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    So I've been having trouble loading Lakka through Hekate. At first I used my 128gb card (exFat, obv didn't work), then I tried with an old 8gb card I used to use with my 3ds, formatted to Fat32. I'm pretty sure the cards integrity is still good, but before I go out and buy another, I was hoping someone could post a screenshot or few of their file structure for me to look at. I thought I had the files in the correct places, I followed the Lakka guide, but I'm still just getting a black screen. Thank you much for any and all help
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    I have the same issue. I've never gotten lakka to work as intended once. I've used every method to date and used 5 different microsd's. The lakka devs aren't interested in helping people with problems, every single time I've ever seen them try to help someone with issues ends up them telling the person with the problem to just wait and hope.

    If it isn't working and you've done everything you should've, then you're in the majority of people just like you, waiting for lakka to actually work for them.
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