Having some BIG issues with my setup. Any tips?

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    Hey guys. So I have some issues with my installation of rxTools. In this spoiler, you can find a list of my 3DS' details (software version, exploits, and what extra tools I have access to besides a computer, internet, and time).

    Now, on to the problem(s).

    As of last night, I have been unable to boot into rxMode in either sysNAND or emuNAND. It would simply stick on "rxMode is booting..." and never leave that screen. However, it would still boot into emuNAND if I didn't hold R and try to boot into rxMode.

    As of today, it no longer boots into emuNAND at all. Additionally, instead of hanging at the boot screen, it would flash that message that rxMode is booting, and then go straight to a black screen.

    When attempting to simply load the emuNAND through rxTools, using the ESET exploit will flash the rxTools splash screen quickly and then hang on a black screen. The same thing happens when launched through the Homebrew Launcher. However, through browserhax, it hangs on the splash screen rather than flashing it quickly. In both cases, there is never any sign that it will ever finish loading.

    Menuhax was mostly working two days ago, but stopped working altogether shortly before I found myself unable to boot into rxMode.

    A quick note: I had only tried to use rxMode once or twice before, fresh after installation. It worked perfectly fine back then. Once upon a time, I used an older version of this tutorial to install rxTools. I recently used it again to install a newer version of rxTools (current version).

    If anyone at all can help out with this, give me any tips on fixing these issues, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, I was thinking about simply switching out to Luma3DS instead, in which case could somebody tell me how to do that? I obviously already have my emuNAND setup.
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    i dunno
    Here's your problem.
    Switch to Luma3DS, it's way better.
    Trust me, I used to use rxTools aswell because I was stubborn and didn't want to switch but Luma3DS is WAY better

    EDIT: Oh woops I didn't see the stuff about wanting to switch :P
    I would reccomend just doing a fresh emuNAND install and re-installing everything but if not follow the guide @samiam144 posted
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    You could use the guide I wrote, it'll help you setup menuhax+rednand//emunand. It's an adapted version of Plailect's A9LH guide, but for MenuHax users in mind.

    Link: http://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial...s-full-menuhax-rednand-autoboot-setup.432499/

    Note: If starting fresh, and you own a GW and want to continue using it, (since I read that you said you have access to GW Mode via browserhax - assuming you mean GW Mode and not the menu) you'll want to setup an EmuNAND and not a RedNAND, just pretend any mentions and steps that say RedNAND, actually say EmuNAND.

    Otherwise if you want A9LH, just use Plailect's A9LH Guide.
    Link: https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki
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    Aug 29, 2014
    Good news, everyone; I successfully installed Luma3DS along with CTRBootManager (which was a wonderfully simple process, considering my emuNAND was already set up), and it's working perfectly. rxTools is still there but I don't have the need to use it anymore, so it's all good.

    Thanks to everyone who responded.

    As a side note, I will probably eventually end up installing A9LH anyways, seeing as how everyone praises it's amazingness. It will probably help me with feeling like a badass.
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