Have an R4SDHC and themes aren't working

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    Jan 29, 2017
    Hi. I have an R4SDHC I have to look at for somebody here and it won't load themes, it just shows a purple screen at the start and says game. It has a moonshl and _system_ folder. inside the system folder theres themes and in that theres 12 themexx (01 to 12) folders. They all have the themes and icons in them but it won't load them just has a purple screen with no icons and I have to just press A then it loads the game list. There's supposed to be 3 icons on the bottom screen.

    It was in spanish when they gave me it and it was hard enough to find the right firmware for it. I think it might be a clone.

    EDIT: I should've actually posted this in the R4 section.
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