Hardrive when formated to wii format 0 space free, or error

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    When I use ncWBFSTool to format the hard dtrive it says 0 space free when I go to add games. When I use "wbfs_inteligent_gui_v6" it simply says error or partition not formatted. Even after I click format. I've tried formatting the hard drive all different ways, once when I has one hd with some linux format, fat 32, and NTSF (of seprate partitions), and then some empty space. When I had that configuration it said there were 19 gigs free in the 33 sized NTSF partition I formatted to wii format. I loaded the game on the 19 gigs open (in the 32 NTSF I had formatted?...?) and put it in the wii, but it didn't understand the 3 partitions and the 19 gigis...

    So, how can I format my 110 gig hard drive so it has open space the wii can read?
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    Plug it in to your pc, right click "My Computer" go to "Manage"
    Then down to "Disk Management" right click each partition and choose Delete, No more patitions
    Now you can use any of the WBFS tools to Format the whole drive, the drive must be plugged into the pc before opening wbfs program

    Also while you are under "Disk Management" you can create a Fat32 or NTFS partiton, it was the linux partition or maybe having 3 partitions that was stuffing you up, lots of people and me have dual partitions i have Fat32 first partition as primary and wbfs as the 2nd partition
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    Just reformat with uLoader!