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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by MrCooper, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Lately prices have skyrocketed on hard drives. I know this is because of all the flooding in Thailand but in all seriousness shouldn't there have been a fallback place so that this wouldn't happen. Just because this has happened I will have to delay my next build. The price went from $1500 before the price rise to over $1700. Any thoughts, concerns, knowledge on when they will drop again, or just plain ranting is excepted here. Also, anyone think it is worth it more to just buy SSDs now?

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    dude its not worth it right now, but wait and see if they have any deals on black friday.
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    External hard drives under 1 terabyte didn't jump nearly as much as other stuff, but yes. I was appalled to see a 1.5TB hard drive that was $70 off Newegg in August going for ~$130+ now.

    SSD's are great for mobile PC's and for desktop boot drives but not as storage. However, if you're thinking of doing a new build, and are already factoring a BD-R drive into it, you can probably hold off on getting a large internal storage drive until the market returns to normal. My desktop PC has an 120GB SSD which is more than enough for Win7 x64 Ult, Office 2010, a couple MMORPG's, and plenty of scratch disk for temporary high-bandwidth files like FRAPS recording or ripping Bluray or re-encoding MKV.
    I can't feasibly use this for music or video storage obviously, and my internal hard disk is only 500GB. I manage this disk by burning my less important storage to Bluray discs (like video collections of stuff that I've finished watching, and music, since I've been using Spotify for a while now).

    Also, if you had been planning on a mechanical RAID array as opposed to SSD, I'd say from experience that a decent size SSD and a lower end mechanical disk for storage and lower priority software installations is probably better in the long run. And if you go for a 5400/5900 RPM green drive when the prices go back down, they have lower power consumption versus 7200 RPM drives also.