Halo 3: Save File Deleted

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    Right well I got onto Halo 3 to play some campaign (from the first mission: Arrival), I went to go put on a few skulls but they had all disappeared. [​IMG] Then I noticed that my armour, emblem and tag had all changed(luckily all of the armour I'd unlocked was still there). I tried to change the campaign mission but they had all disappeared except for the very first mission.

    Naturally I'm very upset(I'd completed the game on legendary!). Is there anyway I could mod a save file to unlock all of the skulls, missions etc?
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    Save modding (even for restoration purposes) is something MS do not care for- the ban normal people but save editors they especially dislike.

    You will need a way to access the save (although now USB support has been added XTAF makes it easy enough).

    As you might imagine Halo 3 modding is all the rage among save game hackers although unlike many other games I have not ventured far into it. Most tools are aimed more at straight up hacks (especially with the rise of JTAG boxs) or PC side tools for multiplayer gametype creation (a few clicks are easier than a jumping through 50 menus on a controller) than low level game save modding (like borderlands ones usually are for instance) for campaign saves.

    Dr.Emuler MOD Toolkit
    Killling Spree

    edit: shows what I know- I thought the skulls were like those on firefight mode.
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    Same thing happened to me play a few online games and it will come back.