Half Minute Hero 2 Translation Project

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    Hi, we started a translation project for a PSP game called Yuusha 30 Second (Half Minute Hero 2) and need help, mostly with the translation part.

    Here's the project's site: hmh2translation.kumodori.com

    I'll keep using we, but really there's just two of us right now. Neither of us know Japanese. So far, we've decompressed the game and extracted all files, including the raw text. We've also made a website to hopefully help with the translation process. We're pretty passionate about this and are dedicated to seeing it through.

    We're really looking for Japanese to English translators. We've created a quick website to collaboratively translate the game. Unlike the first game, this one is a pretty full fledged RPG, so there is a lot of text. Dedicated translators would be best, but even people who just want to translate a few lines would be much appreciated. If you're interested, please visit the project's site.

    We're also looking for people to help with the rom hacking. So far it's just me. Better tools to decompress and recompress the archive would be very helpful. If you can help with this, please take a look here to get started: http://hmh2translation.kumodori.com/romtools.html

    If you don't know what Half Minute Hero is, but like(d) playing the SNES/PSX era JRPGs, you should definitely give the game a try. (Don't worry, it's not grindy like a traditional JRPG.) You can play the first game on PSP or XBLA (maybe Steam soon.) It's an homage/parody of the JRPG drama... in it, you have 30 seconds to level up, complete subquests, and kill the boss before they destroy the world. There's a lot of humor and nostalgia, but it's still a good game. It's kind of a JRPG/casual/puzzle/action game hybrid. Where the first game is a take on NES type stories, the second game is a take on SNES/PSX era stories.

    If you have any advice (on what we should be doing or how we can find more help), let us know too!
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    So how is the translation going?