HackMii installer v0.3 out

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    I've been informed that this was previously posted. So MODS can do away with this when they please

    Hackmii and new bootmii version hints of new HBC features to come!

    "Yay, finally another release!

    Version 0.2 of our installer (the BootMii beta2 release) is almost 3 month old, and we finally got around to push out some fixes.

    We hoped to have some nice additions for HBC done for this release, but unfortunately those are not yet ready for prime time. We didn’t want to delay some fixes to the installer and BootMii any further, so we hope you enjoy this one – even if HBC remains unchanged compared to BootMii beta 2.

    HackMii installer (v0.3):

    * Saner selection of IOSs for the installer itself and the installed HBC
    * BootMii will now install on Wiis with bad blocks in the boot2 area
    * Fixed some hangs when rebooting Starlet

    BootMii beta 3 (v1.0):

    * Improved the SD card compability
    * Increased the backup/restore speed for some SD cards, but decreased it for others [​IMG]
    * Fix GPIO input for all Wiis
    * Wavebird support
    * Fixed a silly bug where NAND backups were left as 0 byte files
    * Keys are now saved to SD as /bootmii/keys.bin too

    Grab the new installer here. (go to bootmii.org)

    As always: Please link to this post instead of mirroring the binary, thanks and stay tuned.

    Enjoy." -Dhewg