Hacking a PS4?

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    Nov 18, 2009

    After reading a couple of threads it seems like its possible to jailbreak Playstation 4. It need to have firmware 5.05 and its not possible to downgrade the firmware. This makes it vary important to check the firmware version before puechase and it will probably have to be a used console. Is there diffrence modells of PS 4 where some of them can´t be jailbroken even if firmware is version 5.05?

    Say that I manage to find a PS4 and by using this guide I get it jailbroken. How complicated will it be to setup and start games from backuped external drive? Can the console be unjailbroken? Is there a list of games that will not work?
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    Everytime you turn of your console it is unjailbroken again. This is because the exploit is only temporary until the console is on, you have to re-run it every time you turn of your console (takes 30 seconds).

    You are limited to only games which came out/require firmware until 5.05, all above will not work.
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    Nov 18, 2009
    okay, good information. What steps is needed to start the consol in jailbroken mode? Does it have to connect to a online server? And will games that is below 5.05 just work on the external drive or will they have to be tweeked in some way to work? For example, on a jailbroken PS3 every game needs special settings and this have to be set before starting a new game. These settings can be found on internet.
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    @SnowJim the homebrew enabler is. It permanent, however content you install to it, will be registered and recorded somewhere in the consoles various logs.

    1, very easy to run and back up games; read the guide ;)

    2, The best guess method to “un-jailbreak” or I would say restore to factory, would be to use a 5.05 REC pup to format the console entirely, or use a pc to fully format the drive and then use the REC pup to install system firmware and set up as new again.

    3, any game that is 5.5x and above will not work. You can work out the firmware roughly based on the OFW release date vs the game release date.

    4, to enable hen, follow the guide, host it or acces a dns.

    5, no it doesn’t require online, you can host offline with WiFi usb, WiFi sd card, router, miniweb, Apache, camp etc etc...

    6, no special settings, just install a FAKE SIGNED PACKAGE game or dump your own.
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