Hackable PSPs?

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by yokomoko, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a PSP but I wanted to know a couple of things about "hackability" first:

    As far as I understand, every PSP-1000 and 2000 model is hackable as long as it has FW version 6.20 or earlier, is this correct? And certain 2000 and all 3000 models are just "semi hackable" depending on the motherboard?

    If this is the case are any fully hackable brand new PSPs still being sold in stores/online? Or would I be best getting a pre-owned older PSP so it could be fully hackable?

    Sorry for the noobish question, I've been using DS flash cards for years but the PSP is confusing new terrain for me. Thanks for all help!
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    Your best bet for getting a new psp that is fully hackable would be to go for a Limited Edition Pack 2000 model;

    Daxter Limited Edition Pack,
    God of War Limited Edition Pack,
    Star Wars Darth Vader Edition Pack,
    Are all fully hackable

    The Madden 09 Limited Edition Pack could have the TA-88v2 (fully hackable) or the TA-88v3 board that is only semi hackable so i would stay away from it

    Now these wont be that easy to find, look in smaller stores as the bigger stores would of sold out of these long ago, for online you would have to search but I'm sure they would be overpriced

    Or just buy a used one and save yourself some cash
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    well all PSP models are ''hackable'' if they have a firmware of 6.20 or earlier if you only want homebrew via the half byte loader using the patapon 2 demo

    But if you want custom firmware to be able to play psp games and ps1 games from the memory stick then thats a different story.
    All PSP-1000 and and most PSP-2000 models are fully hackable and are able to install a full custom firmware using a pandora battery and a magic memory stick (firmware version doesn't matter since they are fully hackable)

    PSP-2000 models with a ta-088v3 motherboard and PSP-3000 models are semi-hackable only if it has a firmware version 5.03 or lower via chickHEN and then install a partial custom firmware.
    NOTE: that if you try to install a full custom firmware on these models WILL brick the PSP.
    Also if these models have a firmware version of 5.50-6.20 then you can only get homebrew via the half byte loader (and NO you can't downgrade on these models)

    yes i believe that some new PSP-2000 bundles that have a fully hackable motherboard are still being sold in some online sites but suggest getting a pre-owned PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 from gamestop
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    Thanks a bunch for the help, I really appreciate it. I'd ideally like to get a PSP-2000, but is there any way to tell what motherboard it would have by looking at it or turning it on or something? For instance, if I were to overlook a 2000 at Gamestop would it be possible to tell? Thanks.
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    At GameStop?
    Hell no. [​IMG]
    They wouldn't allow you to do any of that.

    If you are going to get a 2000, get either the Star Wars edition or the Ice Silver Daxter Edition.
    They are both fully hackable.

    And just to clarify.
    A Pandora battery is both the MMS and a JigKick battery (what people call a Pandora Battery) together.
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    Before you make your purchase, I'd take a moment to look at some youtube videos regarding ghosting on the PSP 1000 and 2000. I personally own a PSP 1000 and I've noticed the response rate of it's screen is low, which causes dark colors to drag across the screen while playing games. The severity of the issue varies depending on what you're looking at, but it's certainly a problem for me; almost enough for me to purchase a PSPgo. Almost. [​IMG]

    Look at the windows as he moves.
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    Yeah, the ghosting is an issue on 2000's as well, especially when emulating older systems where it's all pixel art... in PSX/PSP games it's a lot harder to notice, which is why they got away with it.

    And no, you can't swap screens between models.
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    That's ridiculous. Of course they will...with used ones they will. I do it all the time. They'll even let you turn it on and check the firmware if you want.