hack vWii without Wii U?

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    Hello,I have Wii U modded so I can download and play games. However, of course with my luck, all the games I want to play require online functionality to get the most out of them. Therefore I am still buying the game anyways and then stuck dealing with Nusgrabber to update the games when it is released.

    I am spoofed to 5.5.1, but was wondering if 1: can i just connect to the nintendo servers and update my system to official 5.5.1, and 2:more importantly, will I be able to maintain my vWii mods? I have nintendont setup there and still regularly hop in to play gamecube games.

    If either of those are a no, then i will deal with things as they are. I just don't want to try to update to official 5.5.1 if there is potential of bricking nor do i want to lose the ability to play gamecube games and eventually snes games too.

    Thank you.
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    What's your problem with nusgrabber ?
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    if you got your wiiu spoofed all you need to do is use nusgrabber and install the latest game update with it and then you stay spoofed and can go online.

    and vwii isnt affected at all for any wiiu fw be it 1.0.0 or 5.5.1 it will stay normal.

    but yes dont update to real 5.5.1 when you can do everything while spoofed anyway.