Hack + future updates?

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    Nov 22, 2014

    I'm wondering, what will happen when we'll buy wiiu games that contain / require a firmware update > 5.3.2?

    Will we be forced to update our wiiu and lose our browser hack to be able to play that game?

    Or will we have one day the possibility to have a "custom firmware" / "emunand" like the ones we can have on 3DS?

    Other question (maybe related), can we install game updates online (for example Splatoon) if we block the NUS servers on our routers, without updating the wiiu firmware?

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    EmuNAND was already mentionned, but I don't know how easy it can be done.

    Another solution would be a rebooter (like GeckoOS), to either :
    - boot a game by skipping the update partition
    - reboot the system menu with update check patched

    For the game update question, it probably depend where are stored the games on their servers.
    You can try to allow nus.wup.shop.nintendo.net (it's the "ping" to see if the shop is available)
    and block only the "cdn" where the system update files are located:

    Attention, it will act as if it's downloading and updating the console's firmware.
    but all files from cdn will be faked ones and the install will not validate, then the console will delete the files.
    it's possible that the game updates are also on cdn, in this case you will need to try to disable the filter when launching the game, to let the game download the update only, then quickly block again to disallow firmware updates.

    I don't know if the console is checking updates and downloading files at the same time than you are updating the games.
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    Did you really need to make another thread for this?

    I think the proper answer here since nothing is complete and released is: We just don't know. Certainly not now.

    CFW with Emunand is certainly a goal but can/will our fearless heroes accomplish this? Maybe and more likely if we cheer them on instead of getting upset if they don't always meet expectations.
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