Gunstringer Gets A Date And Price

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    The Gunstringer will be sold on the cheap, and include a token for Fruit Ninja Kinect to boot. Twisted Pixel and publisher Microsoft announced today that the game will come to North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia on September 13, and September 16 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It will cost $39.99 in the US, $10 less than the average Kinect title.

    On top of the game, Microsoft is throwing in a token for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game Fruit Ninja Kinect. The game is an upcoming part of the XBLA Summer of Arcade, and the only game in the set that will cost $10. (Waiting for Fruit Ninja's retail release means you can't take advantage of the free copy of Crimson Alliance for collecting all of the Summer of Arcade titles. Maybe having an extra copy for a friend wouldn't hurt.)

    Finally, pre-ordering the game at certain US and European retailers will score an exclusive Gunstringer Avatar Prop.[/p]


    Kinect games would be a bit better if they just weren't so damn laggy and required so much room to play them in. Jumping is especially annoying because your character only jumps when you're coming down from your jump. I can't even imagine how frustrating Fruit Ninja would be on it.
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    Lol. You know something, my Kinect was hooked up to my 360 for all of 1 day. Since then it's being married to my PC as I've yet to see a game that hasn't being ruined by trying to use it.