Guitar Hero PS3 controllers on Wii?

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    I have acquired some Guitar Hero controllers for PS3 (two Gibson Les Paul wireless guitars and a wireless set of drums). These controllers come with USB dongles which are normally plugged into the PS3 USB ports.

    As I understand it, these controllers aren't compatible with Wii Guitar Hero or Rock Band games in normal circumstances, but I wondered if there was any kind of hack to make them work on a homebrew-enabled Wii?
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    Well I know nothing of importance as to why this could or could not work, but this is what comes to mind first:

    The Wii Guitar Hero controllers (guitars and drums) connected to a wii remote like a classic controller would. Then they made use of the wii remote's bluetooth for communication. The PS3 versions make use of wireless usb dongles that don't use bluetooth at all. Since they're two entirely different communication methods I don't think it would be very simple. There could be left over multiplatform code that will help you out, but I'm going to assume this will be difficult to achieve if not impossible.

    On a related note, if anyone knows how to use wired 360 rock band drums in Rock Band 3 for Wii I'd love to hear how.
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