GT5 soon playable, lots o' keys released

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by DigitalDeviant, Jan 3, 2011.

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    v3.50 appldr keys released! - GT5 Playable Soon?
    Jan 02, 2011 - 6:58 PM - by The Central Scrutinizer
    Following up to the amazing recent release of the PS3 root key by geohot earlier today on our forums, it did not take long for our valued PSX-SCENE members to start working on the v3.50 appldr keys!

    Within hours, thanks to our talented PSX-SCENE developer netkas the lock was quickly picked for v3.50 apps:

    Originally Posted by netkas
    thx to geohot metldr keys i was able to find 3.5 - appldr key

    decrypted vsh.self and pne of 3.50 keys game with it, its real!


    erk: 94 5b 99 c0 e6 9c af 05 58 c5 88 b9 5f f4 1b 23
    26 60 ec b0 17 74 1f 32 18 c1 2f 9d fd ee de 55

    riv: 1d 5e fb e7 c5 d3 4a d6 0f 9f bc 46 a5 97 7f ce
    p.s. sry, hexdump messed byte order to little endian int16, fixed now
    And of course quickly followed up by grabbing the v3.41 keys:

    Originally Posted by netkas
    erk: 83 8f 58 60 cf 97 cd ad 75 b3 99 ca 44 f4 c2 14
    cd f9 51 ac 79 52 98 d7 1d f3 c3 b7 e9 3a ae da

    riv: 7f db b2 e9 24 d1 82 bb 0d 69 84 4a dc 4e ca 5b
    But then later on in the day, the v3.55 appldr keys appear via @codetwink:

    erk-000: 95F50019E7A68E341FA72EFDF4D60ED376E25CF46BB48DFDD1F080259DC93F04
    riv-000: 4A0955D946DB70D691A640BB7FAECC4C
    erk-001: 79481839C406A632BDB4AC093D73D99AE1587F24CE7E69192C1CD0010274A8AB
    riv-001: 6F0F25E1C8C4B7AE70DF968B04521DDA
    erk-002: 4F89BE98DDD43CAD343F5BA6B1A133B0A971566F770484AAC20B5DD1DC9FA06A
    riv-002: 90C127A9B43BA9D8E89FE6529E25206F
    erk-003: C1E6A351FCED6A0636BFCB6801A0942DB7C28BDFC5E0A053A3F52F52FCE9754E
    riv-003: E0908163F457576440466ACAA443AE7C
    erk-004: 838F5860CF97CDAD75B399CA44F4C214CDF951AC795298D71DF3C3B7E93AAEDA
    riv-004: 7FDBB2E924D182BB0D69844ADC4ECA5B
    erk-005: C109AB56593DE5BE8BA190578E7D8109346E86A11088B42C727E2B793FD64BDC
    riv-005: 15D3F191295C94B09B71EBDE088A187A
    erk-006: 6DFD7AFB470D2B2C955AB22264B1FF3C67F180983B26C01615DE9F2ECCBE7F41
    riv-006: 24BD1C19D2A8286B8ACE39E4A37801C2
    erk-007: 945B99C0E69CAF0558C588B95FF41B232660ECB017741F3218C12F9DFDEEDE55
    riv-007: 1D5EFBE7C5D34AD60F9FBC46A5977FCE
    erk-008: 2C9E8969EC44DFB6A8771DC7F7FDFBCCAF329EC3EC070900CABB23742A9A6E13
    riv-008: 5A4CEFD5A9C3C093D0B9352376D19405
    erk-009: F69E4A2934F114D89F386CE766388366CDD210F1D8913E3B973257F1201D632B
    riv-009: F4D535069301EE888CC2A852DB654461
    erk-010: 29805302E7C92F204009161CA93F776A072141A8C46A108E571C46D473A176A3
    riv-010: 5D1FAB844107676ABCDFC25EAEBCB633
    erk-011: A4C97402CC8A71BC7748661FE9CE7DF44DCE95D0D58938A59F47B9E9DBA7BFC3
    riv-011: E4792F2B9DB30CB8D1596077A13FB3B5
    erk-012: 9814EFFF67B7074D1B263BF85BDC8576CE9DEC914123971B169472A1BC2387FA
    riv-012: D43B1FA8BE15714B3078C23908BB2BCA
    erk-013: 95F50019E7A68E341FA72EFDF4D60ED376E25CF46BB48DFDD1F080259DC93F04
    riv-013: 4A0955D946DB70D691A640BB7FAECC4C
    erk-014: 79481839C406A632BDB4AC093D73D99AE1587F24CE7E69192C1CD0010274A8AB
    riv-014: 6F0F25E1C8C4B7AE70DF968B04521DDA
    erk-015: 4F89BE98DDD43CAD343F5BA6B1A133B0A971566F770484AAC20B5DD1DC9FA06A
    riv-015: 90C127A9B43BA9D8E89FE6529E25206F
    erk-016: C1E6A351FCED6A0636BFCB6801A0942DB7C28BDFC5E0A053A3F52F52FCE9754E
    riv-016: E0908163F457576440466ACAA443AE7C
    erk-017: 838F5860CF97CDAD75B399CA44F4C214CDF951AC795298D71DF3C3B7E93AAEDA
    riv-017: 7FDBB2E924D182BB0D69844ADC4ECA5B
    erk-018: C109AB56593DE5BE8BA190578E7D8109346E86A11088B42C727E2B793FD64BDC
    riv-018: 15D3F191295C94B09B71EBDE088A187A
    erk-019: 6DFD7AFB470D2B2C955AB22264B1FF3C67F180983B26C01615DE9F2ECCBE7F41
    riv-019: 24BD1C19D2A8286B8ACE39E4A37801C2
    erk-020: 945B99C0E69CAF0558C588B95FF41B232660ECB017741F3218C12F9DFDEEDE55
    riv-020: 1D5EFBE7C5D34AD60F9FBC46A5977FCE
    erk-021: 2C9E8969EC44DFB6A8771DC7F7FDFBCCAF329EC3EC070900CABB23742A9A6E13
    riv-021: 5A4CEFD5A9C3C093D0B9352376D19405
    erk-022: F69E4A2934F114D89F386CE766388366CDD210F1D8913E3B973257F1201D632B
    riv-022: F4D535069301EE888CC2A852DB654461
    erk-023: 29805302E7C92F204009161CA93F776A072141A8C46A108E571C46D473A176A3
    riv-023: 5D1FAB844107676ABCDFC25EAEBCB633
    erk-024: A4C97402CC8A71BC7748661FE9CE7DF44DCE95D0D58938A59F47B9E9DBA7BFC3
    riv-024: E4792F2B9DB30CB8D1596077A13FB3B5
    erk-025: 9814EFFF67B7074D1B263BF85BDC8576CE9DEC914123971B169472A1BC2387FA
    riv-025: D43B1FA8BE15714B3078C23908BB2BCA
    erk-026: BB31DF9A6F62C0DF853075FAA65134D9CE2240306C1731D1F7DA9B5329BD699F
    riv-026: 263057225873F83940A65C8C926AC3E4
    erk-027: 8E737230C80E66AD0162EDDD32F1F774EE5E4E187449F19079437A508FCF9C86
    riv-027: 7AAECC60AD12AED90C348D8C11D2BED5
    erk-028: F9EDD0301F770FABBA8863D9897F0FEA6551B09431F61312654E28F43533EA6B
    riv-028: A551CCB4A42C37A734A2B4F9657D5540
    And for the pure fun of it, since he hates getting left out in the cold, @Mathieulh adds the following:

    Here for the sake of it, isoldr keys:


    erk: 8860D0CFF4D0DC688D3223321B96B59A777E6914961488E07048DAECB020ECA4
    riv: C82D015D46CF152F1DD0C16F18B5B1E5
    erk: BDB74AA6E3BA2DC10B1BD7F17198399A158DBE1FA0BEA68C90FCACBE4D04BE37
    riv: 0207A479B1574F8E7F697528F05D5435
    Not like those keys are hard to get anymore, yesterday we still had to exploit loaders to get them eh ?

    P.S: Retweet, I actually pasted the wrong riv for the 3.55 key due to a lack of sleep. My bad.
    What does this all mean to the end-user, well the goal is now you might be able to very soon play those impossible games like Gran Turismo 5 and Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit on your v3.41 Jailbroken consoles, because now thanks to the hard-thankless-work of our valued PSX-SCENE members you be able to decrypt those games EBOOT.bin that were complied by Sony using their SDK v3.50. As you can see, they changed the keys between v3.41 to v3.50 to stop us PS3 Jailbreakers from play the latest and hottest games.

    Stay tuned to PSX-SCENE like always to bring you the latest and best in the mad-hatter PS3 scene!

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