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    I checked this game out when it first hit, and though I liked a lot of things about it, I never could get into it. The main reason being, I never could figure the brake system out. I've really been jonesing for a good street-racing-type game (oh, please don't start listing off a host of other games [​IMG] ) and want to give Grid another shot, but what am I doing wrong? The regular brake only slows you down slightly, allowing for no drift at all, and the hand brake doesn't respond at all.

    Help me, Obi Wan -- you're my only hope! [​IMG]
  2. ichigo_kurosaki

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    Apr 6, 2009
    may aswell give up on it yer its ok but the turning is the major let down unless someone else figured it out. i know you said not to do this but try need for speed carbon own the city its really good much better in my opinion.
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    I enjoyed this game immensely until it wanted me to make a track to its specifications. I did everything it specified during track creation and it didn't like it, so I lost interest in the game because I couldn't continue. I just wanted to race, not screw around building tracks. That killed it for me.

    As for how the cars's been so long since I booted the game last that I honestly don't remember anymore. All I do remember is that I was kicking ass in it before the track creation BS hung me up.