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    Mar 20, 2015
    I was researching about the 3DS audio chip, and holy crap, it is an improvement over the ds audio chip, maybe it's the ram or something, but very few NDS games had guitar sounds, like Devil Survivor, most of the time the soundtracks were more experimental, like adding flutes (Lost in Blue) or pure Keyboard like in most jp games, but with the 3DS is a whole different story, maybe it's the capacity of the 3DS cartridges or an improvement for the audio chip, i'm more inclined to accept that it was the audio chip, the sound in the 3DS hears phenomenal, especially with an O3DS with good headphones, i've proved the 3DS XL and, the speakers aren't good on there, especially because of the cheaper plastic that the console feels overall, not only that, the audio chip is kinda nerfed in there because of the cheap plastic and possibly damages, the N3DS is an improvement over the 3DS XL, and for me is tied with headphones quality with the O3DS, only with the advantage that know you can play some exclusives (Not that they are really important, Xenoblade Chronicles is still better on the Wii in my humble opinion) so, with the superior capabilities that the 3DS has over the NDS, i'm eager to see what are the best soundtracks that you've heard on the 3DS, or at least that you could notice, i don't have a favorite game or soundtrack, because i love them all, but i'm going to put some examples about what i like with the 3DS, attention, these are not the best soundtracks on the 3DS, or is a top number about the best, again, these are just examples that the quality of the 3DS can offer, so, don't get confused and try to reply with posts like: "BAT SUPAH QUAQA DYS IZ TA BUESZ SUONTOUACK" since this is not, a top best songs or soundtrack, so, with less surprise, let's begin:

    1 - Now it's On! - Code of Princess

    Now, this is what i'm talking about, the sheer quality of this song blew my mind when i first heard of it, it sounds like "You Will Know our Names" but for me, this is much, much better, the melody gets you pumped, ready for a kickass action game, the guitar sounds magnific, this is the kind of songs i like the most, now, this is a real improvement over the DS, isn'it?

    2 - Battle against Zinnia! - Pokémon ORAS

    Now, something a little more, calm, this time i'm taking note about the quality not this time about the guitars, if not, about how it sounds, the violins are really good in this song, the drums are fine, but it's enjoyable as heck, the song can demonstrate that the 3DS is a beast of it's own, take into consideration that Yoko Shimomura was the one who wrote this song, and you have a full pack of awesomeness, fun fact: She is the one who composed the music for the Kingdom Hearts games and the Mario & Luigi games, really good composer we have here.

    3 - The Afterblaze - Mighty Switch Force! 2

    Well, this is awesome, it sounds like a disco song from the 70's mixed with electronic instruments, and man, Jake Kaufman knows how to mix them good, the variations in this song are really good, is not the most complex song on earth, but is not repetitive at all, the main chorus is pretty catchy, and it works for anything, you'll probably have a smile everytime you heard this, is so positive that you can't really argue against this song, especially when the soundtrack is FREE :yay:

    Not much else to say, the title is not for me, but for you, for those who really likes the 3DS soundtracks, i would like what you consider the best, or if not, the one that is impressive for the console itself, the one who pushed the audio capabilities to the limit, who knows?, is always nice to enjoy music anytime ;)