Discussion GPL 101 - Atmosphere and SX OS

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    (Insert waiting for the community so they can steal it joke here)
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    ahhh beat me to it...
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    Yeah they're working on cracking it... as in... as soon as a community solution is available they'll incorporate it -sort of- working... lmao.
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    Wow, can’t even make a joke about the TX controversy.
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    Nintendo works for my dad
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    I agree with this. SX OS is a commercial product and has nothing to do with homebrew (*cough* except you know where they got the code from *cough*). If at all mentioned threads should be moved to the CFW section.

    Nice that the moderation moved this post where it's totally out of context 11/10.
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    I was thinking about this all day today after watching a documentary on netflix after keeping up to date with the news in Brazil (elected a dictator) however their video gaming industry is shaped around piracy/black market dealings:
    the documentary on netflix (which i can't remember the name for right now) goes in depth interviewing people who spend arms and legs buying video games in a economy that is very unforgiving, so unforgiving that they elected a dictator to try and fix it.

    This has nothing todo with licensing but I'm just adding this argument to the table that some people are less fortunate that others and can only afford so much. Is it wrong that they pirate their games using something like SX OS?

    edit: might have been a VICE documentary
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    Another stolen work of others... The most hard part, no proper credit... The most hardest part, theyre making money out of it...
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    I am neither for or against SX OS but I have to ask: What makes you people so sure that they have stolen the work of CTCaer?
    Have people decrypted their Payload and found out that they are just stealing stuff? Or is it becaus their fix is only aviable now, after CTCaer has fixed the sleep mode bug?
    This is a serious question because I have yet to see valid proof that they are indeed stealing stuff from CTCaer.

    And if anybody wants to know my personal opinion about this situation:
    For me it looks like Team SX OX does not have the knowledge to develop low level exploits, thus needing to "steal" the work of others - but they seem capable to do "high level stuff" such as XCI USB Loading.
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    Here's actually one example that I saved on my Twitter
    There are actually more of them, but that's just one I happened to have on hand without searching too hard for it.
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    It isnt stolen? we asked if they added support for ldn_mitm.
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    I don't want to pay for games so i steal them using pirating devices.
    (If you mention homebrew you are a liar we can play emulators any device now)

    So i steal and cheat a multitude of companies every time i pirate their software.
    BUT U KNOW what gets me VERY ANGRY?!?!?!
    When a pirate developer pirates someones code and doesn't give credit to the original coder....
    a liar lies
    a thief steals
    a pirate pirates from EVERYONE!

    To everyone crying about TX not giving credit, I challenge you!
    Next time you pirate a game, write a credits/thank you note to the Game developers.
    "Your game is awesome, i love to play it for hours! I chose to steal it but i just wanted to say thank you and give you CREDIT"
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    Dec 1, 2014
    With that logic you should steal a credit card from a family member and go on spending spree
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    inside your fridge
    Wow for once they actually gave credit.

  18. iriez

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    They had to unless they wanted to rewrite the entire PC client end of lanplay the claim it as their own.

    Everyone in this thread is hilarious. The people behind atmosphere and hekate do the real work and never get proper credit. TX just waits for the real developers to fix the hard problems.

    Nothing has changed.

    You know what will change? A proper open source emunand. Its already being worked and I've seen its progress. Before you know it there won't be a reason to pay for a xecuter product. And really who would be against that other than xecuter and xecuter employee's? Are we really to the point of tribalism that we would rather pay xecuter money to rip off open source work instead of just use the free option directly from the hardworking developers that created it?
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    If the "homebrew" developers weren't so busy whining about TX 24/7 you'd probably have it by now. And, when it does come, will they have just stolen the code from TX? :ha:
  20. V-Temp

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    What would they be stealing? The base operations of the SX OS emunand are based off of Atmosphere open-source code. So is SciresM going to steal his own code? Is that what you're saying?
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    Okay, thanks for that clarification, then I presume everything is in order?

    Haven't checked the ldn_mitm repo yet, but assuming you're the only contributor that should be good then.

    EDIT: okay, a quick look at the contributors page for ldn_mitm, there's 4 other contributors. You'd need all of their consent to do that, which I hope you have, otherwise any of them can legally complain.
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