Good computer jobs?

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  1. notnarb

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted a job as a video game programmer, but recently the appeal to me has sort have died down. The limited job availability, low-ish pay, and low job security have have deterred me, but I would still love to get a job involving computers; I just can't think of a good job (and appropriate degree) to shoot for. I have my way to college paved, but I need to know where I intend to be going. I'm just looking for something with high availability and decent pay, any recommendations (and college requirements)?
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    Nov 4, 2006
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    Maths/Physics/Computing degrees will set you up.
  3. Urza

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    I believe most schools offer a computer science degree, which would be what you want.

    You could probably get a job without it though, provided you have the proper certs.
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    Depending on what interests you the most in computers. For me, it was hardware, so I went for a pretty large and interesting field for me- electrical engineering. However, the courses are super hard and I had to pay the price (in dollars).
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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Reality always works for me.

    I watched a friend show up at a store, to fix a computer problem (I was with him). It took him 3 hours 45 minutes to correct their troubles. That resulted in quite a profit as that sort of service is normally offered at 20 bucks just to show up, and 80 bucks an hour. Thus, 3 hours 45 minutes later he was 300 bucks richer. 20+240+40 (he doesn't charge full 80 for partial hours).

    Show me a job where you show up with a briefcase, a few dvds and a few minor tools and can make 300 bucks in 4 hours.

    The beauty of it is he has no college, nothing. Just 10 years of pulling apart computers to see what makes them tick, and screwing with the OS.

    Most service calls go something like this "this was plugged in wrong".
    Or you end up telling them it is either a quick format reinstall (hours work routinely) or the price of a new hard drive with the OS installed.

    You can actually make a killing just running a service that formats and re installs the OS. Flat fee option and it's brain dead easy.
    Key is to offer at home service. People will jump at an option to have you show up after dinner so they don't miss any work time.
    Not missing work means you just saved them a days wages. That's likely worth your 20 dollar show up cost minimum and flat rate.

    And all you need is a good understanding of how to format and install an OS.
    Hell I hate Vista with a passion, but I know how to install it.

    Getting a nice education helps. But you can also just be the business instead of working for one.
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    May 14, 2006
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    Security network manager for a large business has a salary of 130k a year average

    Obviously you need a very good computer science degree, as you're protecting all of the company's most private secrets.
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    Jan 14, 2006
    If you want to work with programming, a Computer Science course would be the best IMO

    There are a lot of different jobs involving programming. As for example, programming a game is totally different from programming a bank system.. Weirdly, games are one of the hardest things to do and as you said, one of the worst ones in paying >_>

    If you're going to college, there you'll probably find out which kind of computer related job would be best for you..
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    yeah i wouldn't suggest video games, EA might gobble up the company you work for and like fire everyone LMAO. well if you love video games, you should play them as a hobby and do a different kind of work. you could program applications like as said above and then play video games at home, that could work. I have friends who do that IT management stuff, they make good money and they either don't have a college degree or don't have a degree related to their job.

    Engineering fields may be good. Most people who do mechanical, electrical, or structural engineering these days use a computer to do their work every day. The ones that are higher up mainly use the computer for email and go out on the field a lot and go to meetings.
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    Ok, if you aren't sure what you want profession you want to go into yet, what type of person are you? Are you the Salesman-communicator-team-player-type-person? Or are you the Number-cruncher-computer-programmer-math-loving-I'd-rather-work-alone-type-person? Once you answer this question honestly, you can choose a degree that gives you some flexibility down the road.

    If you are the first type, a degree in a B.A. in Business Management or Communications will give you a chance to go into many different positions withFortune 500 or Technology/Computer companies in Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, etc.

    And if you are the second type person, a BS. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a specific application would seem to make the most sense. But remember, no matter what you end up studying in college, you can always change career paths down the road if you aren't satisfied. I've known many people that majored in a certain topic, only to get a job in a totally unrelated field. If you aren't sure, just choose the path that gives you the most flexibility for the future.
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    Dec 3, 2006
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    The future is in Human and Computer interface programming. The mouse wasn't meant to last forever. It is such outdated technology.
    The keyboard is inefficient and even more ancient tech, think type writers.

    The future is in programming computers to work with the brain. And developing new technologies to decode the human brain through EEG and FMRI imagining. Making computers learn how you think and learn how to think for you. Anticipating your tasks. Controlling cursors with simple movements of the eye or just thought... voice recognition...

    Its alot of psychology, neurology, and computer tech all mixed up into one future molding endeavour.
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    Damn...browser crashed and made my post again because it didn't seem to register at first....this is a junk post. [​IMG]
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    Computer engineering is safe, i.e. microprocessor or storage