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    So I joined Golds Gym about a month or two ago, and along with joining they give you 5 Personal Trainer Sessions. Well I went to my first one today, She was nice and was asking me questions and it was going fine until the actual workout. She says she is gonna put me on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then on the Bike for 15 minutes. So she states she will come back and get me ......Well around the 13-14 minute mark I expect her to be comming back for me, I have no clue if she is running a fitness test and wants to measure my heartrate or whatever after the treadmill.....So I dont get off

    Well 20 minutes go by , and then 25 minutes go by......Now I expect that if this is a Personal Trainer session that the girl should at least be with me somewhat of the time. So she finally comes out after about 26 minutes. She moves me over to this other machine which isnt the Bike.....but whatever......So she says "can you do 20 minutes on this?"

    So I reply with "I guess"......Well she leaves me again and I spend 20 minutes on that contraption, Well my lower back hurts from using this damn evil machine so right at the 20 minute mark I jump off. And then proceed to pretend to read some handout while waiting for her to come back again. Well about 7 minutes go by and she finally comes out. Well she asks how I did and I reply that my back kinda hurts from that machine, So she quickly pushes me over to a Stretching Cage and has me stretch my back.......Totally missing what I was saying.

    Well now I am over at the stretching cage and there is only soo many fucking times I am gonna repeat this stretch......So after 5 minutes I start looking for something to do while waiting for her to come back again........15 fucking minutes go by and I say "FUCK THIS" and walk out of the gym

    I plan on quitting the Gym on Monday and joining the Gym my girlfriend goes to ......Golds had me thinking that the 5 Free Personal Training Sessions were worth something, But if the girl is only gonna spend 5 minutes with me each session .....well what the fuck good is it???

    I kinda feel pissed, I mean I realize she could have had a coworker call out sick and needed to attend to his members also......or whatever. But the way I feel is that I am just some fucking number and this is something that she just needs to get out of the way. When I hear Personal Trainer, I think of a Person being with me throughout the workout, Not just throwing me on a machine and coming back for me when they get time.

    I mean what if I couldn't have done 20 minutes on that machine, Isnt the purpose of a Trainer to be there and guide you thru a workout and ensure your safety?? I just feel like I was lied to .....Its bad enough she left me alone on the machines, but to not come back on time and move me to the next step just pisses me off. So I have to get off the machine and stand around twiddling my fucking thumbs until she gets a minute?

    Fuck Golds Gym!
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    Like the waterboys mom would say....Golds Gym is the DEVIL! [​IMG]
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    there still going to keep your money

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    I have the month to month plan so I can break my contract tommorow [​IMG]

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    Phillyman - Winrar!
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    You should have stopped around the 15minute mark on the treadmill, also if you knew what machine was next then should of question her. Trainers obviously don't get paid with these freebie sessions so they aren't gonna spend all there time with you, most of them don't make great pay as it is. My friend was a trainer and was in the army reserves, training and then had a 2nd job to help pay the bills. So they don't care to be with you the whole time while they could be having a paying client coming in. Yes you are a potential client but that doesn't pay the bills today.

    I'd say try your GF's gym and see if they treat you any better, if so stay there, also learn to speak up and question any worries you have, even pains, if you need time for some pain to subside or catch your breath tell them you need a break! DON'T over do it, make your goals acheivable and time enjoyable, most people fail in that and stop going to the gym in less than a few months time.

    I stopped going to Fitworks gym around 2 years ago (mainly loss of money due to bills/time/GF) and really miss it cause i made the most of my time and it when done correctly can be great experience, nothing like going to the doctors and them double checking my heartrate of 38bpm, they say you can't get much lower than that, only had 1 other person with a heartrate lower with 34bpm!!
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    I had a month of gym with private trainer, they're on quite a tight schedule so I had to schedule on afternoon one day and then morning the next day and such.

    Before you quit, talk to whoever's in charge in your gym about how their PT is doing badly and you're quitting. Listen to that person's excuses for couple of minutes and see if s/he'll offer something else, like maybe discount on your next months regular gym sessions. I don't know since 5 PT sessions came as a bonus I wouldn't quit if they offer me something else, maybe like a 2kg protein powder pack or something. But otherwise yeah I'd quit, working out with girlfriend really makes any exercise enjoyable.

    I can understand both you and that PT

    My PT spent an hour on the first day to figure out my body status, if my left and right are balanced, if any muscles are overworked or underworked, what I usually eat for which time of the day, and such. Next day he came up with a meal plan for the week (those were still what I was regularly eating, he just specified how to distribute my menus throught the week) and workout list for each day, since the list was pretty detailed so I thought well maybe someone else can substitute for him while he's busy, but he watched how I was doing and made modifications on following days workout plans.
    Obviously your PT didn't want to go through all the trouble for your 5 sessions (I bet she wouldn't even know how many sessions you have left until you told her) Meh what a slackoff though, at least go watch.