GoldenEye 007 PAL Save

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    Oct 10, 2009
    I compelted single player mode. And then, my wii fucked up. Problem here is, it fucked up during the end cutscene. and i lost my save. I'd have to beat cradle again. problem here: everytime i try, my wii fucks up.
    i dont know why really. i think my system migth be dying, or some homebrew is dying on me, since smash bros worked fine yesterday.
    so i wanted to ask if there is anyone with a PAL 100% savegame of the game. i found a NTSC savegame and tried to converti it to pal, but failed miserably. thus, i behere.
    i used the search function and found an old topic regarding a pal savefile butit didnt help as people there were generally unfriendly.
    help me gbatemp, you are my only hope *end leia voice*