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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by timishu, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. timishu

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    So, I recently got sick and tired of 3.2U, which I figured would happen anyway, but I would really like to run 4.0. I currently have the most recent cIOS, IOS36, BootMii as boot2 and IOS, and whatever else is in my signature. From what I understand I can just do this:

    1. NAND Backup with BootMii
    2. Waninkoko 4.0 Updater
    3. Install a (?)Patched(?) IOS60
    4. Reinstall PreLoader .29

    I also had a few questions along the way...

    1. Will I need to reinstall PreLoader .29? I have heard mixed results.
    2. Will I need to uninstall my DarkWii Theme in order to update?
    3. Will I need to uninstall cIOS on IOS249?
    4. Does the update effect the modchip?
    5. Should I remove any custom channels and DVDX before the update?
    6. What the best way to get a "patched" IOS60? Dop-IOS or not?
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    Oct 14, 2008
    First get the latest hackmii Installer 1.06 to update HBC, bootmii and the latest DVDX
    Second : DO A NAND Backup

    You can get a full update to 4.1 with pimpmywii 1.31 it give you all latest ios let's u trucha sign them and download latest shop channel. U don't have to remove your theme cause it will be overwrtiten anyway... you won't lose your cios except if you do a real update via nintendo or wii disk. You'll have to reinstall preloader when you change system menu. You can get the latest 0.30 rev15.
  3. longtom1

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    use the new dop ios mod v8 i think and install IOS 60 then system menu 4.0 you can even choose to go to 4.1 or even 4.2
  4. razorback78

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    Aug 3, 2009
    what to do. simply download ios60 (very important v6147) this is the non-stub using NUS Downloader then pack its wad. also download system menu 4.0 using NUS Downloader then packs its wad. install both wads using wad manager installing first ios60v6147 because this is the ios system menu 4.0 use then you are done.

    and use dop-ios to install all latest ios if you want to.

    to answer your questions:
    1. Yes do a NAND backup with bootmii.
    2. No, don't use any firmware updater by wanin for it downloads stub ios60 which cause bricks.
    3. yes install ios60 but v6147, this is the non-stub version.
    4. Yes install preloader for extra protection and system menu hacks. v0.29 is ok because it is the longest version that i used in my experience but recently updated to v0.3 due to the JODI issue of the latest HBC.

    to answer your next questions:
    1. what mixed results with preloader 0.29? no issues using it other than the JODI issue if you updated to the latest HBC.
    2. no need to uninstall you theme, it will be overwritten if you install system menu 4.0.
    3. definitely not uninstall cios249. this is a very important cios for homebrew...besides it is always a reminder to us to never uninstall any ios.
    4. on my case my modchip was not affected. i at 4.1 btw.
    5. no need.
    6. why do you need to patch you ios60. download it using NUS downloader. you don't need to patch it, you could just use preloader to load your system menu to cios249.
  5. beegee7730

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    Mar 31, 2009
    I would do step 1, step 3, step 2 and then step 4.
  6. timishu

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    I've tried a few times downloading IOS60 and every time that I try, NUS Downloader warns me that it is a stub version. Should I just download v6147 and assume that it will work?