Gmate Yopy YDK1000, need resources.

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    Recently I got my hands on a semi-old, old-ish (oh who am I kidding it's ancient) PDA, the Gmate Yopy (it was also marketed as Samsung Yopy in some places). I have the first development kit, the YDK 1000 model. Here's what it looks like:

    In the cradle:

    More cradle:


    Unfortunately I can't find any resources for it. The company went bust sometime along the way, there's no official support, the few reviews I found of the device link to dead sites, and I couldn't find any extra software, apps, alternative OS distros (it runs Linux), nothing. The hardware is supposed to be similar to the iPaq H3600, I'm wondering if I can maybe get it to run Familiar on it or something.

    I'm playing with the stock firmware and the few preinstalled apps (they're the standard PDA fare), but I was wondering if there was anything else out there.

    Is anyone familiar with this device, do you have, or know where I could find, software for it, any interesting hacks/mods?