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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by StarBlue, Jan 2, 2014.

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    I first home brewed my wii four years ago with the Twilight hack. I use it mainly with USB Loader GX and an external USB hard drive using WBFS. I am currently using version 3 of the loader and the current version of Homebrew. Someone in our house forgot to NOT upgrade the system menu. It was on 4.2U, now on 4.3U. Anyway a lot of my games will not load (ie Animal Crossing, Astro Boy, etc.). Homebrew browser crashes as well.

    The reason I'm posting is that I am not all that verse anymore on hacking a wii. I can't remember what cIOS's / IOS's I've installed. I vaguely remember a util that would tell you all of those changes but don't remember how to use it or even it's name. I kind of want to almost virgin-fy my wii and get rid of all of the crap, but I don't want to unhack my wii.

    1. How can I get rid all of the cIOS or IOS files without dehacking my wii?
    2. I've read somewhere if you download the new hack disc that hacks your Wii it does #1, is that true?
    3. I now own a wii u, if I homebrew my Wii U (wii mode) can I use my external hard to play my wii games on it or do I need to re-rip?

    Thank, sorry I seem a bit like a newbie.
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    Don't know about any hack discs, but when you follow the modmii guide ( you will replace all original system ioses (even those who might have been replaced with cios stuff) with the official ones and also get newer improved versions of the usual 200+ cioses.

    ModMii: easy to use, hard to foul up.
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