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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by CookiesMilk, Aug 22, 2011.

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    I played the PlayStation 1 previously in my childhood times and don't have a chance to try on a PlayStation 2 because parents won't allow it, until the PlayStation 3's released and now I'm eager to try out the games of a PlayStation 2. I know it's very very late to get a PlayStation 2 now but I don't really mind it, just wanted to play some good games available on it [​IMG]

    Also, is the PlayStation 2 fully hackable and will be able to run backups (PS1 and 2 games) through an external drive? If it's hackable, is the game compatibility of it with the PS1 and PS2 high?

    I'm really outdated with stuffs about the old PlayStation 2... Someone please give me some navigation for my questions? Thanks.

    Lastly, do intro great games of it for me!
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    Just going to give you the heads-up:


    If you have a decent computer with a decent CPU, you're better off with that emulator. MUCH better than the original.
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    Man, the PS2 has always been my favorite console.

    Personally I enjoy MGS 3 Snake Eater, Gran Turismos, Resident Evil 4. Don't say I'm childish but I also like Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (but it's an awfully glitchy game, especially at Act 4).
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    Memor32s are a lot like FreeMCBoot, sadly - They won't work on the newest SPCH-90001 (superslim) PS2s. So unless you're buying an older model, it will not work. If you can solder, however, there is many a modchip that will work on any PS2, as long as you find one for the model you're after.

    As for games? The PS2 has likely one of the widest collections of interesting and unique games for any console. I suggest a few standards (Such as the jak, ratchet+clank, sly cooper and God Of War games) as well as a few other titles. God Hand is an incredibly fun beatemup for PS2, while crash twinsanity is a true-to-the-original-series game that adds a lot more, if you're a fan of crash b., that is. As for other games I love, if you're looking for a crazy Japanese experience, I cannot reccomend more a few titles such as Gekibo 2, Bobobo: Hajike Mitsuri and of course, the Two Katamari Damacies.
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    I really suggest you do, the PS2 is my all time favorite system, you won't find another system with such a large library of good games.

    Also, PERSONA 4