General Question about 3DS back up and DLC

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    If I lets say was using a backup of Smash Bros 3DS. Would it still be able to receive patches like new updates to allow me to have amiibo support and etc? If so could they be natural ones like from the software or would I have to download some file from an outside source? Also if I then paid for DLC yet wanted to use it on the game would that work too?

    BTW are there ways to get DLC for free like .cia to install or something?
  2. usernametaken

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    May 13, 2015
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    Yes to everything - You'd receive patches like everyone else via eshop or you could install them via .cias.

    If you're on the latest fw (Sky3ds) then you can go to the eshop to get your updates.
    If you're on 9.2 or lower, you'll either have to use a spoofer to access the eshop or currently have an old 3ds on emunand 9.8 to use the eshop.