complete TXT file dump

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Hi i site ripped a few months back, a moderator here, Cyan, suggested i upload it for the community so here it is...

    This is just the txt files, which is what most people want anyway but as i am currently doing an updated dump as i write this i will upload the complete up to date site and the latest txt file dump asap....

    This dump also includes some codes that were removed from the site....Skylanders Spyro anyone???

    i do realize that some of the txt files contain no codes, just the game id and title, that is because there are no codes for those games on the site :)

    EDIT: updated link to latest dump dated 6/1/2014!UoQiwaxJ!dsCsftohXP24qWsLyCA1l44iHrm5wKeMMtAhDvgcZtg
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    Was looking all over the search engines for this. Thanks for the uploaded.