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    Sep 9, 2012
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    I use GCReEx to try and shrink down my GameCube backups, and normally run the through the SD card on my family's Wii. Now, I'm the only person in my family who likes RPGs, and would like to play them on the Wii. Because nobody else in the family likes these types of games, I'd like to be able to store more than one GameCube game at a time. Here's the problem: The format the games end up in after using GCReEx seems to work just fine off the SD card, but not the flash drive. Is there a way to make them work from the flash drive? I've been looking, but I can't find anything to explain how to use the program anymore.
  2. SurlyBurly

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    Mar 9, 2013
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    i am not familiar with GCReEx... but i have been loading GC games from USB without any problems yet...

    i am formatting the game files with DMToolbox, using what i believe is the newest dios mios, and then loading them with i believe the newest USB Loader GX...

    i already had the loader... got the rest of the files from an easy to follow tutorial that was either here or wiihacks... im sure a couple searches ull find it no problem...

    EDIT: adding more information and links

    here u go... didnt search for the tutorial i mentioned, but heres the link u need...


    download this one:

    u will need to reload this dios mios wad into your wii... this will allow u to play GC isos from HDD...


    as far as ive read, dios mios can do one or the other but not both...

    dios mios = USB
    dios mios lite = SD

    in the file u downloaded from the link i gave, u will also get DMToolbox... I havent used the GC iso formatter u mentioned, nor any others... from what ive read, DMToolbox is made by the creator of dios mios, and it has the features that the other iso formatters have... dont know for a fact, but to me i would assume it has the best compatibility with dios mios over any of the other apps...

    hope this helped...
  3. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Like he said, you can have only one MIOS at a time on your Wii.
    The "MIOS" is the gameCube layer of your console.
    By default, the MIOS by Nintendo only plays Discs.

    DIOS MIOS lets you play from USB and Discs
    DIOS MIOS Lite lets you play from SD and Disc

    If you install DIOS MIOS for usb, and the games your family are playing are still on SD card then you won't be able to launch them.
    Either :
    - put all your games on USB/flash drive
    - put all your games on SD card
    - Install DIOS MIOS (using Wad manager), play your games, then reinstall DIOS MIOS Lite when you stop playing your games

    If you can store all your games on the same device, I have another suggestion to display/hide games by genre so your family won't see RPG, and you see them.
    USBLoaderGX and WiiFlow allows you to filter games by genres, you can hide RPG after playing. It's easier than reinstalling another WAD after playing.

    I don't know which loader you are using, but if you are using an old version it's probably only compatible with SD card.
    USB support was added later, so you need to update your loader to work with DIOS MIOS (USB).
    If you use USBLoaderGX, here is revision 1215
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