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    A new thoughts and links thread. For those that missed the last entry this series will house links new or long buried in our bookmarks we feel should be shared, mini articles on anything from flash cart basics to small scale hacks, act as a testing ground for potential new threads or just some news that might not get a full post otherwise.[/p]

    Video series- All Your History
    Linked below is an original video series from that covers the rise (and sometimes fall) of big players within the games industry in some depth with the odd reviews of years and other important events within the industry. Covered are both the games that made them, games that broke them and the business side of things making for good viewing for those interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the games we play and more importantly why some decisions were taken. History is still being made so some of the videos show their age but that often makes for just as interesting viewing.[/p]

    [​IMG] Youtube series link

    Discuss this series among your fellow GBAtemp users or link up others in the thread below.[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss

    The GBATAL tag will get you other links to this series.
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    This is quite relevant to my interests, but I wonder if the last installment will be titled, "Selling out."
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    WOW The only Bioware game I ever played was The Dark Brotherhood. That game was a piece of shit. Hopefully Machinima will cover Radical.
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    I loved Baldurs Gate as well as Jade Empire, Kotor I and II, and when I played the TOR beta I was very excited :). Wonderful MMO.