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    [​IMG] Sabre Wulf
    G.R. Issue #6 (GBA)
    Did you go McCraezy with V-Rally 3, our last recommended title? We hope you enjoyed it!

    Welcome to the sixth issue of GBAtemp Recommends! - a weekly magazine feature in which we share our favourite Game Boy Advance titles. The games we recommend may be top titles from the GBA library, or they may be sleeper hits that missed the radar, but one thing's certain, they're all great games that are worthy of a play through!

    GBAtemp Recommends!

    Sabre Wulf
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Developed by Rareware, Sabre Wulf (GBA) is a sequel of sorts to the original Sabre Wulf that was released back in 1985 on the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. The game has a good mix of platforming and puzzle elements.

    To break down the game, it basically goes like this - After being locked away in a statue, the Sabre Wulf is let loose and begins to wreak havoc. You play as Sabreman, who must put a stop to the wulf's evil doings! Sabreman, who appears to be an archaeologist come zoo keeper must make his way through the levels using an array of interesting critters who each have their own unique abilities and can help you scale the terrain. Once you find the wulf, you must swipe the stolen artifacts from him and race back to the beginning of the level, whilst being chased by the wulf, and to the safety of your ... tent. Think Wario Land, just with obstacles to over come that you can't get by with simple platforming.

    Besides the main levels, the game also features an impressive isometric overworld to explore and unlock, that's full of interesting characters to converse with and additional side-quests.

    Sabre Wulf is a very fun and original game and was actually received quite well by reviewers. It's also Costello's favourite GBA title so you know if must be good.

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    Woo looks fun. Will try.
    These GR articles are awesome by the way. I love breaking out the micro every week. [​IMG]
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    OMG he was like totally cameo'd in Banjo-Tooie! =D

    So since he was cameo'd in such a good N64 game, I might give it a try.
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    Very interesting, I never even heard of this game nor the franchise. I'm glad that you're throwing out obscure titles now.

    A little glitch noticed:
  5. Ferrariman

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    [​IMG] Don't remind me.
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    Unless you mean that the Sabre Wulf's vile odors are running everyone afoul. I think the word you are looking for is wreak.
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    Thanks guys !
    You're doing well. Every game you highlighted has my preference too.

    Great job [​IMG]
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    I as well noticed this.

    I've played Sabre Wulf before. I think Costello said it was his favorite GBA game one time, maybe it was someone else.
    Didn't like it.
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    The character Sabrewulf in Killer Instinct is based off of the original. I mean running from the normal Sabrewulf is one thing...but I dare anyone to get away from this:

    I do remember playing this, and I thought it was interesting. But I lost interest in it pretty quickly after a few levels. Guess I'm not a fan of the whole puzzle platformer thing. [​IMG]
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    yay, this game had the best "speaking" sound effects of all GBA games
  11. Hadrian

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    A massive disappointment this game was for me, I loved the Sabrewulf series on ZX Spectrum and this was just totally different.

    Not the best game in the world but its decent.
  12. Curley5959

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    Feb 2, 2008
    I was never really into GBA games.. I mean, all up I probably played 30-40, real cartritdges that is, because I didnt know about the slot 2 devices.. [​IMG]

    So I kinda missed out on nearly all of the good GBA games.. I could get a slot 2 but I dont see the point.. [​IMG]
  13. Costello

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    Exactly! the voice sound effects crack me up [​IMG]
    Also, it's not necessarily my favourite GBA game. It's just one of the games that I think is really underrated. I had so much fun playing it and yet most people didn't even know about the game.
  14. Deekman

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    Great choice I actually liked this game so much I went out and bought a boxed copy of it. (Still have it in near mint condition). Everyone should check this out it's a fun little pick up and play game where you can do a level or 2 quickly and then move onto something else.

    "Gently Bently!"
  15. Satangel

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    Never heard of this one, I'll check it out soon!
    Tnx for the recommendation, looks quite good !
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    Thanks for this great series of recommendations!
    I had no idea this game was available for GBA!
    I remember it being one of my favourites on the ZXSpectrum back in the day!
    Looks like they've given it a serious facelift and brought it right up to date.
    I wonder if there are other titles from 'Ultimate' that have been revived...
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    Looks pretty good,still playing Mother 3 though [​IMG]

    RARE made it,eh?
    Can't got wrong there.
  18. Psyfira

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    Dec 31, 2003
    Another awesome choice! I don't remember playing with the sound on though.

    So much good stuff on the GBA, this list is gonna take months to write [​IMG]
  19. granville

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    I loved this game! It's such an underrated gem and just really fun to play!
  20. Dunny

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Huge disappointment also. This game was way too easy to be part of the Sabreman series. Back in the day, the ZX games (Knight lore, Sabre Wulf, Underwurlde etc) were massively hard, but incredibly addictive - you'd get your arse whipped every time but you knew you'd be back for more. It took me two weeks to finish this, the original took me nearly twelve years to crack. It's the little things you could find about the game, the way the enemies move, the way to stab the rhino in the rear-end to get around him on that tight corner, how to navigate a tight vertical corridor, the way the natives sing when they detect an amulet part... The game had hidden depths.

    The Spectrum games were ground-breaking. Sabre Wulf with the enormous maze and lots of colourful sprites, Knightlore with the awe-inspiring Filmation 3D, Underwurlde breaking new ground in platformers... This GBA game was a major let-down, and nothing particularly new that hadn't been done before. A poor cash-in on what was one of the most fondly remembered series in computing history. Not as bad as the GBA Manic Miner remake, but pretty bad all the same.