GBAtemp Recommends Revival # 002

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    Welcome to the 2nd issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This project is a weekly magazine feature where we share our favorite games and applications with you. The things we recommend may be "old school" titles, a Homebrew, a ROM hack, sleeper hits, an application, etc, but one thing's for certain, we think they are fantastic and deserve your attention!

    This issue has been written by GBAtemp community member Evo.lve!

    GBAtemp Recommends!

    [​IMG] Red Temple​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Most of us will remember the classic "dungeon crawler" games that began popping up during the 80's, such as Megami Tensei and Phantasy Star. Many of these games are now considered classics, well-known and often released on many major consoles. Red Temple aims to be one such game.

    Though I'm not entirely sure what the game is based on, the theme behind it is simple. Each level (and there are quite a lot) is filled with obstacles, such as doors and walls, objects to interact with like keys and electrical circuits, things to pick up and collect and of course enemies to battle, each with their own unique characteristics. The game play is very similar throughout, and there is a shop to purchase items like health restoring food and weapon upgrades. There are eight in-game achievements, from completing story mode to collecting all characters. None of these are easy to obtain, but they provide a fun challenge for anyone who is playing the game. Each playable character has different stats and of course there is the hard-to-get super character with very high stats.

    Red Temple is a brilliant play for anyone who wishes to play a simple game. It isn't easy, and so provides hours on hours of fun.

    Genre: Action-Puzzle
    Type: Homebrew
    Developer: azenris
    Release Date: 12th May 2011 (v1.5a)
    ROM Size: 2.95 MB
    System: Nintendo DS

    If you enjoyed this weeks edition of GBAtemp Recommends! please leave a comment in the thread. This helps us monitor feedback and ensures we keep posting these magazine articles in the future. If you want to write for the GBAtemp Recommends, please PM a topic idea to Another World. Be sure to include a brief description and why you feel it is software appropriate for the Recommends Revival.

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  2. Nah3DS

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    Feb 9, 2010
    I really like the GBAtemp recommends logo
  3. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    I discover this game with the Homebrew bounty.

    I was amazed by the amount of things you could do, playing with this game few minutes you see that the developer spent a LOT of time on it.
    There are many items, many unclockables (like trophies!), a lot of quests, a shop, multiple characters, very long tutorials with step by step lessons for each element in the game.

    I couldn't play it very long though, I find it very difficult x__x
    All enemies are moving and attacking you in real time, it requires a lot of dexterity and alertness to play and complete the levels. (It feels like I'm old now).

    You should try it if you like homebrew.
    At least to see how much effort he put in developing this game :)
  4. Evo.lve

    Evo.lve All that you could be.

    Oct 11, 2010
    Away from you.
    Guess I made a good choice then :)
  5. Another World

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    this game was a great choice. i followed the development from the early releases. it turned into a great game.

    -another world
  6. Jonez

    Jonez Member

    Oct 27, 2010
    Why I am at school now? I want to play this game because it looks interesting
  7. megazero1x1

    megazero1x1 GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 16, 2011
    AWESOME game!!
    the developer is a genius!
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