GBA Save file importing?

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    So I have all of these save files from games that I've already started on my 3ds. However, I started to play pkmn Light Platinum on my phone because I couldn't get it to work on my 3ds. Now that I got it on my 3ds, I want to know if there is a way that I could inject the save file that I have into the 3ds version without getting rid of all of the other ones. Save editors like JKSM don't work with gba games because they're saved differently. (I think?) As far as I know Decrypt9 only lets you import/export every single gba save file as one .sav and not each individual one. Is there another way like with GodMode9 or something? The help would be appreciated. Thanks :D

    Nevermind. To anyone else with a similar problem, you can import the .sav from GBA4iOS, VBA, etc. with Decrypt9 and it won't replace the save files from other games. I didn't think that it would work but after backing up the files to make sure, I imported the file I had and it worked.
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