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Feb 26, 2017
Hi, I use gba music rip to extract music, but with fire red/leaf green I Have a problem, because seems like the program can't get all the instruments for the songs. I read that some games cant be extracted. I used other program: saptapper and it can extract the missing sounds but now the music sounds like bad quality and with some weirds sounds. How can I extract te songs like the original. PD: how can I use the tool in gba music rip that allowsonly to extract the soundfont?

the links for the music.Note the differences respect the originals!YdV13BxA!HGTmxYds6lZq_ghrca8hefMc9bXp75jmPegQOnXpCL4!pIUVxYwJ!Av7AEe-iZeF6bNh_r2Ev3TtTm2vbbxHk_Kp7oScxGqQ!8JkjAJwJ!sGUkw1zxHJ7bqb0SWpO0p-6dOhZcY7uBwZ130tgNtQg!YY1WWbAS!0FTTP-Rs2ae0yPAkty_Md59xzHXqmb3b5wbnFKO32E8

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