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    I recently got back into the Nintendo handheld scene by buying a new 3DS. I used to have a DS lite with a Cyclo DS Evolution and an EZFlash. I now use an R4i to play my DS game backups, which works great. The problem is that I also want to play my GBA backups (nostalgia :)). After doing some research on these forums and elsewhere I found a few options.

    1. Run an emulator on the R4i.
    2. The Supercard DSTWO plus.

    The first option isn't ideal due to the bad(ish) compatibility. The second one has better compatibility, but the list is still missing a few essential games (fire emblem series). I noticed that the compatibility list is based on a tempGBA version that predates the DSTWO plus, which seems to have a faster CPU and more RAM than it's predecessor. So the big question really is; Is anything know about a possible upcoming update to tempGBA (or another DSTWO plus based emulator) that used the better hardware (most likely having better compatibility).

    A third option would be getting a new (second hand) DS lite and using the Cyclo DS and EZFlash for almost 100% compatibility. Though I prefer playing everything on 1 device.

    Does anyone know about an update to tempGBA. Or did I miss an option?

    Thanks for your answers!
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    If you can run homebrew, you can downgrade and install a CFW and install GBA cias
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    downgrade to 9.2 and install luma3ds cfw