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    I'm using GPSP but I'm having trouble getting some ROMS to work. Does anyone know how to get the following games up and running on GPSP? The folder it came in is called GPSP09_HEND if that makes any difference. It runs most stuff well enough without any interference but I'd like to get these games working too if possible:

    - Golden Sun + Golden Sun Lost Age. Neither will work properly.
    - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Doesn't do a damn thing.
    - Onimusha Tactics. Had it as a kid, never finished, would like to, but never loads.
    - Final Fantasy 6. It loads, but the graphics go screwy, with the layering all over the place, so parts of the background look pretty messed up.

    That's about it for now, none of the other games are anything noteworthy.

    Also if anyone has any knowledge of the Rock Band Unplugged DLC, I'd appreciate some help in my other topic. Downloaded every single DLC song and not ONE of the bloody things works >_<

    Thanks for your time.
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