GBA battery corrosion fix?

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    May 26, 2018
    Hey everyone! I'm having trouble with this GBA I bought recently. When I play it for several hours it suddenly shuts off. When I turn it on the screen is either half black,half white or completely white. I opened it up and noticed that some of the brass trace has worn off because of corrosion. (picture) I'm guessing that this is leading to the console not getting enough power.

    Any way to fix this? Maybe solder in some cables?

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    Remove the corrosion as good as you can by hand. Then heat it up with a soldering iron and fill the gaps between PCB and the battery contact with solder. The flux contained in the solder will remove the remaining oxidation.

    It'sweird that the solder did not flow all the way through in the first place.
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    Nice macro shots? What a treat we have today.

    Anyway yeah that looks like something got in there that should not (battery leaking being a good bet), or it was stored in a windy sea cave.

    It looks like it has got as far as as the slide switch as well, even as far as a via next to Q5.

    Soldering jumper wires is more of a last resort here. I would instead get some flux and reflow the joints in that whole segment , possibly adding some nice solder in there as well.
    Most of that appears like surface corrosion but it could have got between a solder joint and caused some of the things you see. You are probably spared it going underneath the mask here which is nice as it is a nightmare to fix otherwise.
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    Good stuff for doing that: